Packing List for Daily Tour and Hiking

What to bring:

  • Original Passport ( must be the same when you booked the tour and hike )
  • Green ISIC Card ( If aplicable when you booked the tour and hike )
  • Immigration Card
  • A wáter proof day backpack
  • A Camel bag or wáter container
  • A wáter proof hiking boots
  • A couple of rolls of toilet paper

Items that you bring:

Our company will provide a duffel bag for your personal porter of 5 Kilos or 10 pounds so the bag must be picked up in your briefing time which is night before of your trek ( in your 5 Kilos of porter includes your sleeping bag about 3 kilos and your mattress which is about 2 kilos )

What to bring:

  • A couple of T-shirts
  • A couple of hiking pants (Convertible if possible)
  • A sets undergarments
  • A sets of hiking socks
  • Bathing suit for the thermal baths in Aguas Calientes
  • A couple fleece and warm
  • Warm clothes such as: Jacket and sweater
  • Waterproof gloves and boots
  • A personal soap: our chef will provide warm wáter before the meals
  • Extra charged battery, there is no electricity along the Inca Trail
  • Extra plastic bag to keep your own barbage laong the hike
  • Sleepping bag (Can be hired at our office $25 minus 15 degrees below zero)
  • Walking poles (Can be hired at our office $15 for a pair of poles)
  • Waterproof walking boots for rainy season, and sneakers for dry season
  • Waterproof clothing for rainy season , and for dry season a light clothes + VERY WARM
  • Plastic bag to keep dry your clothes in rainy season ( termal bags )
  • Warm clothing for the night time such as fleece,long pants,woolen hat,gloves, wool trousers
  • Thermal underwear for winter ( cold season )
  • Flashlight or torch for the nights
  • Flip flops for White wáter Rafting


  • Face moisturizer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Personal medical kit
  • First Aid Kit such as bands aid, molesking, etc

What to bring in your personal backapack:

We recommend you to bring a backpack about 45 to 50 for the Inca Trail , the rest of your personal belongings must be stored at your Hotel of Cusco.

  • Water to drink: you should bring your own wáter for the first day of hike because the next days , our chef will provide you boiled wáter and cold so Keep your own container to refill in every morning.
  • Sun hat and sunscreen
  • Wool hat and rain gear
  • A good fleece
  • Personal snacks such as chocolate bars, cereal bar or any dry fruits
  • Coca leaves or candies
  • Plastic poncho in rainy season from August to March
  • Gloves and camera
  • Hand sanitiser and toilet paper
  • Small plastic bag for waste
  • Extra money for souvenirs , drinks & tips ( Extra espenses )