Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu


9 Days - 8 Nights

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$969 - $1479
  • Destination:
  • Duration:
    9 Days – 8 Nights
  • What included:
    Briefing night before of your hike into our office by our English speaking guide
    Assistance by English speaking staff from the beginning till your return.
    Pick up from your Hotel in Cusco
    Private transport Cusco – Cachora / Train station – Hotel in Cusco
    Buffet meals ( Optional: vegetarian food as free )
    English speaking guide ( Other languages, upon the request of our customers )
    Entrance to Machu Picchu
    Personalized service in a private transport ( Full equipped )
    Horses to carry food and camping equipment only along the way and your 10 Kilos of stuff
    Experienced cook and Cooking equipment
    Teatime everyday (coffee, tea, popcorn, biscuit)
    4 capacity tent – 2 persons per tent with plenty space
    Sleeping mattress and totally clean
    Water supply (boiled) after every dinner or breakfast time
    Dining tent with camp tables and chairs.
    Kitchen tent & Porters insurance
    Plenty of snack for every mornign before start your hike
    Bus tickes Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes
    Train tickets Hidroelectric – Aguas Calientes – Cusco (By Expedition or Inka Rail)
    Free first Aid kit and oxygen if is necessary for altitude sickness
    Peruvian taxes or IGV 18%
  • What is not included:
    International and domestic airfares , local flights can be purchase upon customers request
    Entrance fee to the thermal baths everywhere
    Entrance to Choquequirao complex ( 60 Soles each )
    Sleeping bag ( can be hired into our office USD$ 60 for whole trip )
    Breakfast on Day1 and lunch , dinner on Day9
    Entrance to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Montaña US$25
    Upgrade to Vistadome ( Luxury train ) US$ 79 Machu Picchu – Cusco
    Walking poles USD$50 ( A couple )
    Inflatable mattress USD$ 60 for whole trip
    Extra horse USD$ 250 for whole trip
    Alcoholic drinks and airport taxes
    Travel insurance if something happens during your trip
    Tip for the guide, cooks, and porters. It´s a tradition
    Guided tour to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Montaña ( Additional cost $ 45 x 2 people )
    Extra horse for your personal items ( 9 Kilos $90 / 18 Kilos $180 )

There are many similarities between Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. The latter was a sanctuary dedicated to the worship of the Inca Pachacutec; Choquequirao was also a sacred site, but one dedicated to other functions that could have had to do with war or with the surrounding Apus. Each is located beside Mt. Salcantay and both are situated above, far above, a great river: in the case of Machupicchu, the Urubamba and in that of Choquequirao, the Apurimac… The ecotourism, fulfilling all the norms of conservation and control, will lead a sustainable development of the zone. The Inca trail to Choquequirao is encounters with the nature area that is without disturbance or contaminating, with a specific abject of admire and enjoy the landscapes along with sylvester plants, wild animals and cultural manifestations

We take small groups, why?

The principal reason to take small groups, is to provide personalized service, in a small group is easy to keep walking together and enjoy the nature of the Inca trail, there is a possibility to make friend and share experiences, interacting more closely with each other. Whereas, in larger groups from (10 – 16) people it trend to split into factions. Moreover, in larger groups tends to be a sizeable difference often over onehour in a section of the trail between the fastest andslowest member, what makes more difficult for the guides, cooks and porters to make their effective labors. In small groups, people are more likely to arrive at roughly the same time to hear the guides explanations. Also our porters are given the same food as the tourists. In larger groups agencies often provide inferior food for the porters. Smallgroups require less space in campsites and this enables the guide to select better locations. In small groups the guide, cook and porters have a more intimate relationship with the tourists and are better able to meet individual needs and attend to environmental issues such as waste disposal, contamination, etc. as the group will be together more of the time. Because of these reason in our standard service we take small groups, only in a group of friends and delegations we manage larger group. So choose small group.

What are the benefits of doing a private tour?

One of the main reasons why the private option is sought after is because you do not need to worry about which dates we have departures set for or if our departures have enough space…Your only concern is whether or not there are permits available…You can choose almost any date that you want if permits are available… In addition to the convenience and flexibility in booking, the private option provides a more personal trip experience for your group. We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel….The guide will focus all of his energy and attention on your group. You can also be more specific about the foods that you would like to be served during the trek. It is a truly wonderful experience to go on such an amazing journey with only your friends and loved ones. Ask at South Adventure Peru Tours how you can arrange your own private tour

  • Starting altitude : 2,901m.a.s.l/ 9516ft
  • Highest altitude : 4,840m a.s.l/15879ft
  • Walking distance : 99 Km or 61 Miles

What to Bring/ Carry:

  • Original passport ( Isic Card , if applicable )
  • Backpaker with Rain shelter
  • Warm sleeping bags
  • Hat and gloves , comfortable trousers
  • Insect repellent
  • Clothing for warm and cold climate like a waterproof jacket
  • Rain pants and lightweight pants
  • Trekking shoes and waterproof
  • Personal medical kit
  • Slippers or sandals 8 For showers and hot springs )
  • Woolen or synthetic socks and a sweater
  • Long and short sleeve T-shirts
  • Rain gear or rain poncho
  • Bathing suit ( For the hot springs in Aguas Calientes )
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent , disinfecting alcohol and gel , water bottle
  • Toilet paper , camera
  • Snacks such as Energy bars and dry fruits
  • Extra money for your personal expenses
Day 1 – Cusco – Cachora – Santa Rosa ( L&D)

At 5:00 am, we will pick you up from your Hotel in Cusco and then you will have an amazing 4 hours of car tour till Cachora which is the beginning of the hike and where will meet with our horses and helper . at the appropriate time, we will leave Cachora and we will take the path works it´s way down into the Apurimac valley where will have fantastic views of snow capped peaks in the distance and the Apurimac Valley spread before us throught the day, also after a fews hours walking we will get to have our first views of Choquequorao sat on the far side of the valley. The area around Choquequirao is rich in life and we will see a wide variety of Flora and Fauna as we make our way down into the valley. We will camp at Santa Rosa located above 220 m.a.s.l / 7215ft. around 6pm, you will have hot drinks such as coffe, hot chocolate, biscuit, popcorn and buffet dinner at 7pm.

Day 2 – Santa Rosa – Choquequirao ( B,L&D)

After your delicious breakfast, prepared by our cook we will start with our hardest day of trek. To get the Choquequirao we need to make our way back up the opposite side of the Apurimac valley which involves escending about 800m/2,625ft over a distance of 14km/8.8 miles through hot and humid conditions. It´s quite tough going but the views we get today mixed with the wide variety of flora and fauna you find on this side of the valley make it worth it. Throughout the day we will see a wide variety of bromeliads, orchids and stands of bamboo, we will also hopefully see birds such as Quetzals, Toucans and a lots of hummingbirds. After about a 6 hours of walk we´ll arrive to our campsite close to Choquequirao 3,050 m.a.s.l / 10,005ft and settle in for the night. If the weather is clear the views of the sunsetting from here are amazing and we may be lucky enough to spot Condors soaring over the valley below.

Day 3 – Choquequirao – Pinchinuyoc ( B,L&D)

After a delicious breakfast, you will be guided around the main sites of the interest throughout Choquequirao and then have some free time to explore on your own. Choququequirao is one of the most extensive Inca sites to be discovered and a large portion of it has yet to be excavated. After our buffet lunch we´ll set off again on our trek heading for the pass above the City. From this pass we´ll make our wey down into the White River below and camp at the terraces of Pinchinuyoc located at above 2,487 m.a.s.l / 8,160 ft. However, free time to walk around our campsite until our hot drinks.

Day 4 – Pinchunuyoc – Maizal ( B,L&D)

After enjoyed our delicious brfeakfast, we´ll carry on down into the valley until we reach the river far below, in the dry season the river is calm and it´s water are warm so it´s perfect place to stop and have a refreshing dip and ease out your tired muscles. After our swim we´ll make our way back up the opposite side of the valley heading for our campsite at Maizal located at 2,891 m.a.s.l / 9,488 ft today, we will see a wide variety of native plants and birds and have beautiful views of tne lush and green White River valley. On our arrivalto our compsite at Maizal, we will have the pportunity to visit around the Inca site. Hot drinks, dinner and sleep well in our water proof tents.

Day 5 – El Maizal – Yanama (B, L&D)

This day, the walk takes us from Maizal to the small village of Yanama where the views are amazing where also will see a lots of natives plants and birds , walk along the original Inca Trail and pass by abandoned gold and silver mines from Peru´s colonialdays . Our campsite for tonight it will be at Yanama located above 3,520 m.a.s.l / 11,549ft where we will stay on the land of one of the local families. After the buffet lunch, we will have the change to visit their home and learn about their customs and traditions. Hot drinks, dinner and sleep well in our water proof tents.

Day 6 – Yanama – Colpapampa (B, L&D)

Today we will walk from Yanama to the highest pass on the trek located above 4,840 m.a.s.l / 15,879ft having been trekking through mostly lush valleys upto this point you´ll notice the scenery change to the high puna as we head for the pass. Once at the pass we´ll have fantastic views of the surrounding mountain ranges including the might Salkantay located above 6,270 m.a.s.l / 20,570 ft From the pass the path leads us back down to warmer climes again and our path will eventually converge with the Salkantay trek at Colpampa 2,900 m.a.s.l / 9,514 ft where we will camp for the night. Hot drinks, dinner and sleep well in our water proof tents.

Day 7 – Colpampa – La Playa (B, L&D)

Today, our great destination is the village of La Playa located about 12km down the valley from Colpapam. Our route takes us along the Lluskamayo River through an area that is teeming with life and that has various coffe and fruits plantation. We will camp at La Playa located above 2,400 m.a.s.l / 7,874 ft which is well connected and there are many places where you can buy snacks and refreshments, you can also try some of the local grown coffee. If you are interested there is the option to visit some hot springs that are close by, let us guide know in advance so that he can organize this for you.

Day 8 – La Playa – Llactapata – Aguas Calientes (B, L&D)

Today is the final stretch of the trek before we reach Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu, the main focus of tofay is to visit the Inca site of Llactapata sat on the mountainside high above. Following an original Inca Trail we´ll arrive to Llactapata by early to mid morning and can enjoy the fantastic Views of Machu Picchu that we get form here. After a guided tour of Llactapata, we will catch the train straight to Aguas Calientes where our guide will lead us to our comfortable Hotel. Free time to enjoy the hot springs or just relax around the main square.

Day 9 – Private Guided tour to Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu – Cusco (B)

This day, is one of the most important and interesting days during your whole trip, you will be picked up from your Hotel very early (BEFORE the BIRDS SING) our guide will meet you at your hotel between 4:30 to 5:00am to aboard the first touristic and shared bus to drop off you at the main door where you have to show your original PASSPORTS and ISIC Cards ( If applicable ) at the check point , and then try to be the first visitors inside of the wonder of the world Machu Picchu and the archaeological sites you will have complete guided tour during 2 to 3 hours of this spectacular mystical place. The GUIDED tour basically includes walk through the different sections such as: The Urban sector, the agriculture sector, and the religions zone was used by the Inca Culture. After the guided tour in Machu Picchu, you will have free time to explore by yourself, walk at your own space, a lot of selfies and to meet other tourists into the sanctuary. According with the time and to your physical conditions, you can coordinate with the tour guide to climb to HUAYNA PICCHU or Machu Picchu Mountain from where you can have the best panoramic view for photos of all Machu Picchu and of deep green canyon surrounding the sacred Inca Citadel. Do not forget that this entrances, must be booked in advance and pay US$ 65 extra. Afternoon and depending on your train schedule back to Cusco, you will have to take the bus down to Aguas Calientes to catch the train back to Cusco. After the guided tour, our guide will give you all the instructions for your bus down and train back to Cusco. Upon your arrival to Poroy station, you will be meeting again by our staff and then transfer back to your Hotel (Own arrangement).

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