Ballestas Island Classic Tour

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Ballestas Island is the name of Islands means Crosbow , so named according to local fishermen. The group of three Islands has norrow shorelines and cliffs that rise to flan areas that cover an area of 3.2 square Kilometers. In the breeding season this is where birds build their nests with their own droppings. These droppings, the famous guano fertilizer, are harvested every 4-7 years. The boat trip to Ballestas Island provides an opportunity to easily watch resident and migratory birds , including flamingos , Red-Legged , Cormorants ,Inca Terns Bobbies,as well as playful sea Lions ,amusing Humboldt penguins and, we are lucky ,we might see marine otters and the bird with the largest winspan in the world , The Condor which flies down from the Andes in search of food.

  • Place of Departure
    Lima - Pisco - Paracas


  • Adventure Sea Wildlife Guided Tour

    Around 7:30AM we will pick you up from your hotel in Pisco/Paracas and then transfer to the wharf of the Beach the Chaco - Paracas. Speedboat excursion to Ballestas Islands. During navigation the bay is surrounded and the port is appraised San Martín, soon the Mysterious figure of Candelabrum, Ballestas Islands the deposits of Marine Wolves, Guaneras seabirds have an interview that in their natural habitat constitute, by their capricious and beautiful forms, sea lions, penguins, and beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian Coast.

    After two hours and half of tour will be the our return to the wharf and free time.

    To opportune hour to come back to Pisco or tranfers back to Puerto San Martin if you have arranged this additional service.


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