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For many years, our company is working with small communities around Lares valley (a new alternative route to Inca Trail) where the most of them are forget by our Peruvian authorities. The last few years, we have mainly concentrated on helping schools in the communities where we distribute school supplies such as pencils, pens, notebooks, cards of various colors, paints and brushes, ballpoints pens, encyclopedia, books, dictionaries, educational posters and additional crayons and colored pencils , sports items such as footballs, volleyballs, volley ball’s nets, warm cloths such as sweaters, jackets , pants so any donation from you as our travelers , will be welcomed !!

Where your money does goes? The 10% of the total amount you pay for the tours, we spend in helping many indigenous people from the Andes of Lares valley and this 4th of December, 2016 we brought to Machu Picchu more than 50 kids (2 teachers + 2 parents) from one of the small school of Choquecancha (fifth, fourth and third grade) located in Lares valley to 6 hour from Cusco, we had to leave CUSCO night before to be picked up at 4:00am, we took them in 3 PRIVATE cars till Ollantaytambo where they took the train to Machu Picchu and they enjoyed a lot as their first time , we provide them an local Quechua speaking guide due to their original language, we provide them meals such as breakfast, lunch ,and dinner, drinks, entrances to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu, bus tickets up/down Aguas calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas calientes , private transport Cusco – Calca – Lares – Choquecancha- Ollantaytambo – Calca – Lares – Choquecancha however, we spent more than US$4,950 in this project and in our next plan is to bring the rest of kids first and second grade.

How you can help us to help our community project? You can help us with babies and children’s clothes of all types, Adults clothes (mainly warm sweaters, jackets and waterproof clothing). Exclusions: please no underwear, socks etc. All clothing must be washed and clean prior to donation. / Toys: All types but not battery operated. / Picture books (all languages) and children’s books in Spanish. Other items after your stay in Peru: Sleeping bags, backpacks, walking boots.

Where and how do we distribute the clothes and equipment? Where and how do we distribute the clothes and equipment? Distribution of the items is an important part of the project. We goes to a village but we have to advise them a couple of weeks in advance, We talk to the head of the village community and find out how many people are in that community and issue clothing (or gift) vouchers for each person in that community. The head of the village will be asked to distribute the vouchers amongst his community before to distribute the items. We then arrange a date and a time that we will return to distribute the clothes. When we return to the village each person with a voucher can exchange the voucher for an item of clothing, hopefully of the type and size that they prefer. If we are distributing to a community of 300 persons we will take a selection of about 600 clothes to ensure that everyone receive a suitable gift.

About the clothing appeal and how you can help… With all your help we want to collect as many clothes, toys, school books and equipment to distribute to some of the neediest communities in the mountains of Southern Peru. When you come to Peru just bring a few extra items that you no longer need to our office and we’ll distribute them, it’s as simple as that. If you haven’t any room in your bags then we can help you purchase some second-hand clothes and equipment whilst you are here in Peru. Our clothing and equipment appeal is very simple scheme for all visitors to participate in. Before you come to Peru just have a look around your house to find any clothes that you no longer need and bring them with you when you come to Peru and drop them off in our office in Cusco. Of course we don’t expect you’ll have much room in your suitcase so just one or two items is fine. If you leave the items at our office in Cusco we’ll guarantee to find a person who will really appreciate your gifts.

What Happened If I can’t bring anything with me from home, can I still help with the appeal once I am in Cusco? What Happened If I can’t bring anything with me from home, can I still help with the appeal once I am in Cusco? If you would like to help our project and you can’t find any suitable items to bring from home or haven’t got the spare space to bring them then you can still help us once you arrive in Cusco. You can help us in several ways. There are many second hand clothing shops in the markets of Cusco where you could buy suitable clothing at very cheap prices. For US$30 you could buy a bag full of suitable items. However these shops are not located in particularly safe areas of Cusco so if you come to our office in Cusco we can arrange for someone to go with you to these shops to help get the best bargains. Of course you may want to buy school books or pens, pencils etc for a local school so we can help you with that as well.

What happen if I leave things at your office in Cusco, how do I know you’ll distribute them fairly? When you leave items at our office in Cusco (Address: Carmen Bajo street 257 – San Blas) we’ll ask you to register your items in our project log book. We’ll ask for your name, email address and a brief description of the items you are donating. We’ll keep a file of our distributions including details of the items distributed, the date and village, as well as a photographic journal of each distribution. All will be available for inspection in our office. We will also transfer this information onto our web site which will be updated on a quarterly basis with news of the appeal’s progress.


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The Managers & Knowledge: Ruben Coronado and Tatiana Zuniga.

After having worked on the counter of many Travel agencies in Cusco and later as a Tour Guide for a variety of travel agencies; Ruben and Tatiana decided to make use of their experience and knowledge he and his wife decide to open their own travel agency in Cusco in order to provide job opportunities to many young people and many people with fewer resources from small communities living over at 4500 meters above sea level..

Our company offer extended trips in Peru with carefully and personalized service with English speaking guides, full equipped transports, good and responsible drivers. Our team visits and thoroughly investigates all destinations, services and amenities featured on our luxury tours to Peru so we can be sure we are offering the best quality, services and price for our clients.nts.

We also provide our travellers with a big bottle of Oxygen, and Medical kit to avoid the altitude sickness especially for Cusco (3,399 m.a.s.l / 11,152 ft.), and Puno (3,810 m.a.s.l / 12,500ft) Chivay in Colca (3,630 m.a.s.l / 11,910ft), and Arequipa (2,328 meters / 7,738ft).

South Adventure Peru Tours, in Cusco, work with professional and outstanding staff who give their entire time to attend to our customers. We offer several LUXURY tours around Peru such as: City tour in Lima, Tour to Paracas, and Tour to Nazca, Ica Huacachina Sandboarding, and also The Nazca Lines, a series of ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru. They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

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