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Nazca & Ballestas Island Paracas Classic Program (3D/2N)

  • paseo de la republica
  • ballestas tour
  • ballestas island tour
    On the way we see the mysterious
    figure of “El
    Candelabro” (Candelabrum), 
    made on the side of a hill facing
    the sea, with an unknown origin
    until today… Here, we will
    stop our boat and our local guide
    will explain us the different
    existing theories about this
    enigmatic figure…Then we are
    going to continue our journey and
    arrived to the
  • insland ballestas
  • nazca fly tour
  • main square city tour

Lima – Ballestas Island - Paracas reserve – Nazca Lines – Cusco 3D/2N

Traditional Multi-Trip Visit in South Peru - Lima - Paracas - Ballestas Islands - Paracas National Reserve - Nazca Lines and Cusco - 3 Days / 2 Nights

On the way we see the mysterious figure of “El Candelabro” (Candelabrum),  made on the side of a hill facing the sea, with an unknown origin until today…

Here, we will stop our boat and our local guide will explain us the different existing theories about this enigmatic figure…Then we are going to continue our journey and arrived to the Ballestas Islands, a paradise place, full of seabirds and sealions. Among birds, we can see groups of pelicans, Inca terns, gulls, Humboldt penguins, among others…As for sealions, these can be seen everywhere resting on the shores of the islands or playing in the water…Paracas is an ideal place where you can meet friendly people and enjoy the hot weather, visiting the Ballestas Islands, Paracas National Reserve, the Inca ruins of Tambo Colorado, and also, from Paracas you can visit the mysterious Nazca Lines, in this way saving time with ride up to that city to fly over the Lines.

Day 1: Lima – Paracas by “Cruz del Sur” (Vip Service)

At 12:30: pm, we will pick up from your hotel to take you to Bus Station "CRUZ DEL SUR AT 1:30pm” for leave from Lima up to the Paracas district (approximately four hours away). When you have arrived at terminal, a duly identified operator of our company will be waiting for you and he will transfer you to Hotel el Mirador orHotel San Agusrin International this afternoon free time to explore by your own. No meals provided , only breakfast at the hotel

Day 2: Tour to Ballestas Island “Reserve of Paracas” – Nazca by “Cruz del Sur” (Vip Service) (B)

We will pick you up from your hotel to take them to Chaco Pier. In order to make the Tour to the Ballestas Islands, we will take the boat (speedboats) with capacity for 25 people. The Ballestas Islands trip lasts about two hours. 15 minutes away of distance travelled we will to arrive at the "Candelabro" (candelabrum), a similar figure to the Nazca Lines. In that moment the guide will explain you the various existing theories about this figure…15 minutes away more, we are coming to the Ballestas Islands, where you will observe its rocky formations and its wide variety of marine life. You can see thousands of guano birds, humboldt penguins, sealions, and pelicans. You could visit also “La Maternidad” (maternitywhere we are going to watch baby sea lions.. Afternoon , bus to Nazca ( it takes around 2 hours ) Upon your arrival , transfer to Hotel Oro Viejo or Maisson Suisse .Afternoon , free time to explore by your own .No meals provided, only breakfast at the Hotel.

Day 3: Overlight in Nazca – City tour & Bus straight to Cusco or Arequipa by “Cruz del Sur” (Vip Service) (B)

After or efore our breakfast at the Hotel, transport to the airport of Nazca and then you will go towards Nazca. In Nazca City you will be led up to Maria Reiche Airport, where we are boarding the plane to the Nazca Lines. You will watch an informative video about the lines before the flight, so that you can get a better idea about these archaeological remains.The types of planes we use to our tourist services are the small Cessna aircrafts, with capacity for three and five passengers, each one with a seat at the window, so you can see the figures properly. The flight takes about 35 minutes, during which time you observe some perfect representations of huge animals such as birds, including a condor, a hummingbird, a pelican, and a parrot among others.As for the other species, you will see a big monkey, a spider, a whale, a lizard and famous design known as the astronaut. Apart from the designs you will also observe hundreds of lines that run throughout the desert and large geometric shapes which resemble huge runways….Upon your arrival, we will be waiting for you and led you to the Nazca Lines Hotel, where you can eat lunch...

Afterwards, we will continue with the City tour to visit the pre-Inca cementery of Chauchilla. For many years this pre Inca place was looted by treasure hunters, who ransacked the place completely, taking away all the treasures the mummies kept in their tombs for centuries. These grave robbers just left behind the corpses, which can be seen today all over the ground. In addition to skulls and bones, you also can see several century old tombs, as well as long human hairs, ceramic fragments and others remains scattered on the desert surface. After touring around we go back to Nazca to visit a Ceramic Studio, where a craftsman will give us a better insight about the Nazca Civilization and the colorful vessels they made hundreds of years ago; the local factory with the process of Gold extraction will be also visited… Afternoon, we will return to your hotel to pick up your personal stuff and then transfer back to the bus therminal of Cruz del Sur ( VIP service ) leaves at 9:30 pm / Arrives to Cusco around 9:30 am..
No meals provided, only breakfast at the Hotel.


  • Backpack to carry your personal item such as toilet paper, towel, etc
  • Water bottle & Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  • Sun block (sun protection cream)
  • Toiletries, towel and toilet paper
  • Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits etc
  • Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  • Sunglasses & Swimsuit
 Cost of trip per person  $ 495 with Hotel Mirador in Ica
 Cost of trip per person  $ 585 with Hotel San Agustin International

Our Price Includes:

  • Transfer service in Lima – bus therminal of Cruz del Sur
  • Bus tickets ( VIP) Lima – Paracas – Nazca – Cusco or Arequipa
  • Shared Tour in Paracas or Ballestas Island
  • Touristic motor boat (15 - 20 - 28 capacities) in Paracas
  • Transfer service in every place
  • Official English-Speaking guide
  • Entrance to the National reserve of Paracas
  • Hotel accommodation in Paracas / Nazca
  • Capitan and life jackets
  • Overflight in Nazca for 35 minutes
  • City tour in Nazca Aqueductos and Cementery of Chauchilla

Our Price does not include:

  • Tips for your guide, driver, transfer agent.
  • Personal expenses
  • Entrances to Aqueducts & Chauchilla in Naz.
  • Tax at the airport of Nazca
  • Additional tours
  • Phone call and internet access
  • Meals: lunch and dinner in every day
  • Laundry service

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