rainbow mountain


The mountain rainbow was discovered to the world due to the defrosting of its ground in consequence of global warming and you owe his incredible coloration to the minerals riches that his ground generated by the erosion of the land during million years, leaving these mineral strata lodges so colored of reddish, brown pigmentations, greens and yellowish.


The traveller begins the journey of a day of duration coming out of in bus Cusco’s city very early, in general early in the morning. In Cusco, close to the coliseum Closed, in Huayruropata two companies offer the service Sicuani Checacupe, the passage can cost 5 suns. His final destination of destination is Pitumarca.
The trajectory the llevavará for Andahuaylillas’s, Quiquijana’s and Checacupe’s localities, to get to Pitumarca, at Canchis’s province, Cusco’s picturesque town of the south.
Once in Pitumarca the long ascent of approximately three hours on foot towards the mountain of the seven colors begins. To be able to enter, the locals charge five soles if one is Peruvian, and 10 soles if they are foreigners, in order to cover some basic service expenses that they themselves have organized in the face of growing tourism in the area.
The visitors will have also the option to accomplish another activities, like to ride horses, that they are offerees in case not they wish to walk for a long time. There will be stretches where horses will be able to enter, which is why the one and only forms of keeping on he is walking .
At the trajectory, the traveller will be surrounded by impressive scenes fixed of glaciers and numerous lagoons. You will be able to find shepherds with flames, alpacas, sheep, and they will distinguish that the fauna enables catching sight of foxes, zorrinos, huallatas, partridges, deer, viscachas, condors and osqollos or savage cats eventually.
Once you arrive, the onlooker will find a lookout, observing the totality of the spectacular panorama, where Ausangate highlights the snowed depositor’s part. In the top, you run a strong wind and the climate is cold. As part of the animal landscape, one almost always can perceive vicunas, that they maraud cautious for mountain sickness.
Right after staying in the slope’s peak, the road to Pitumarca’s valley proceeds to coming back all by himself, gone over that it proves to be simpler than the previous. The people will be able to recover having lunch and recovering energy. The walk finalizes undertaking the journey of return to Cusco’s city, arriving approximately beginning the night.
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